Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for Natural Gas fact sheet.

Fundamentals of Switching Suppliers

Can everyone shop for a supplier? +
Most residents of Pennsylvania have the power to choose their natural gas supplier (NGS). However, competitive offers may not be available in all areas. Click here for a list of suppliers.
Do I have to do anything if I want to keep buying my natural gas from my Natural Gas Distribution Company (NGDC)? +
Do I have to have new pipes brought to my home if I choose a natural gas supplier (NGS)? +
No. Your NGDC will continue to bring the gas to your home through the existing pipes. The NGDC owns the pipes and maintains them.
If I choose a new NGS, what part of my service will change? +
There are two parts to natural gas service: supplier and distribution. You are choosing the company that supplies your natural gas.
  • Supplier refers to the company that sells you your natural gas. Suppliers provide natural gas to customers through existing pipes of natural gas distribution companies. A supplier's unit price includes, but is not limited to, costs associated with the production and transmission of the natural gas.
  • Distribution refers to the Natural Gas Distribution Company (NGDC) delivering the natural gas to the customer. Through a network of underground pipelines, natural gas from wells is consolidated within the interstate transportation system and then delivered to the local NGDC, which distributes the gas to customers.
When will I start receiving service if I choose a new NGS? +
Your choice will typically take effect at the beginning of the first possible billing period following a three-day right of rescission period and a five-day confirmation period.

These periods help prevent "slamming", which is the unauthorized transfer of utility services without the customer's consent. To help prevent slamming (whether you made an agreement with a supplier in person, on the phone or over the Internet), your chosen supplier must send you the new contract agreement by U.S. mail, hand-delivery or electronically. Once you receive the contract, you have three business days to accept or decline the agreement. You may cancel in writing, orally or electronically, if available, by contacting the NGS. Waiver of the three-day right of rescission is not permitted.

In addition, when your local NGDC receives notification of a supplier change from your new supplier, the NGDC will send you a confirmation letter by the end of the next business day. You must respond to the local NGDC within five days if the information is incorrect.  During that five-day period, if you notify your NGDC that you did not authorize the change of supplier, the supplier change will be cancelled.

Consideration for Switching Natural Gas Suppliers

I am on a special payment plan through my NGDC. Can I take part in this plan through my new NGS? +
Each NGS is different. Before switching, call the NGS you are considering, and ask about the programs it has to meet your payment needs.
If I choose a new NGS, can I change my mind and choose another NGS to replace the first one? +
Yes; however, you should carefully check the terms of the agreement, especially for any penalty clauses. Also, you should contact your NGDC to find out when your NGS will begin providing service.
How do I know that a different NGS will provide reliable service? +
If you choose a new natural gas supplier, the quality, reliability and maintenance of your natural gas service will not change. Your current NGDC will continue to provide the same distribution service. Plus, gas suppliers must be licensed by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to do business in Pennsylvania.


If one company supplies my natural gas, and another provides my distribution service, who will I call about leaks and repairs? +
You will continue to call your NGDC to report problems and repairs. The NGDC owns and maintains the natural gas distribution lines to your home or business.


Where can I get information on NGS prices? +
Prices vary. Here is a list of NGSs serving your territory.
What is the price to compare? +
The price to compare is the unit price charged by the NGDCs and used by consumers to compare prices and potential savings with other natural gas suppliers. The price to compare may appear on your bill, but if it does not, contact your NGDC.


Will I receive one bill or two? +
In most cases, you should be able to receive one monthly bill from your NGDC. However, an NGS may want to bill you separately. This is an important question you should ask the NGS when you shop.