Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for Natural Gas fact sheet.

Fundamentals of Switching Suppliers

Can everyone shop for a supplier? +
Do I have to do anything if I want to keep buying my natural gas from my Natural Gas Distribution Company (NGDC)? +
Do I have to have new pipes brought to my home if I choose a natural gas supplier (NGS)? +
If I choose a new NGS, what part of my service will change? +
When will I start receiving service if I choose a new NGS? +

Consideration for Switching Natural Gas Suppliers

I am on a special payment plan through my NGDC. Can I take part in this plan through my new NGS? +
If I choose a new NGS, can I change my mind and choose another NGS to replace the first one? +
How do I know that a different NGS will provide reliable service? +


If one company supplies my natural gas, and another provides my distribution service, who will I call about leaks and repairs? +


Where can I get information on NGS prices? +
What is the price to compare? +


Will I receive one bill or two? +